AEPS on Interreg – IPA CBC Romania-Serbia, Programme Priority: PA 2 Environmental protection and risk management / Specific Objective: 2.1 Environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources

Project main objectives are:

  • Evaluation of environmental current situation in cross border “sister” Danube banks nature reservation Djerdap (Serbia) and national parks Iron Gate (Romania). The surface water quality will be evaluated on Danube and Danube tributaries from both countries.
  • Raising the awareness of young generations on both sides of the border on the immediate need to protect the region remarkable natural heritage and also raising the awareness of local society on the advantages of sustainable use of natural resources and environmental protection.
  • Development of state universities – University Politehnica Timisoara and Technical Faculty in Bor – infrastructure thru state-of-art analytical equipment for environmental analysis, to increase their research capabilities in order to assure their goals for the future: significant contribution to education of next generation of experts.

Project Main Outputs are:

  • O.T1.1 – Equipment acquisition – targeting Programme Output Indicator PA2.OI1 Infrastructure, equipment built/ installed/ modernized in the field of cross border services for environmental protection. Target: 2 infrastructures modernized at University Politehnica Timisoara and technical Faculty in Bor
  • O.T1.2 – Awareness raising – targeting Programme Output Indicator PA2.OI2 Participants to project initiatives and events for information and awareness rising. Target: 2000 inhabitants informed thru awareness campaigns and information seminars in schools, greening activities, students training workshop, public conferences.
  • O.T1.3 – Studies on surface water quality in cross-border protected areas – targeting Programme Output Indicator PA2.OI3 Studies in the field of environmental protection and emergency management. (technical and scientific studies, researches in the relevant fields). Target: 3 scientific studies on surface water quality on Danube and its tributaries in programme eligible area.

Target Groups:

  • local public authority
  • regional public authority
  • national public authority
  • interest groups including NGOs
  • higher education and research
  • education/training centre and school
  • General public